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Mission Statement

In 2002, the staff of the Federal Academy of Public Administration (BAköV) adopted the following mission statement:

Our task

We provide advanced training, qualifications and advising.

As the central inter-ministerial advanced training facility at the federal level and provider of qualification training for all federal agencies, our task is to provide advanced training for staff and advising for agencies in personnel development and training matters and thereby

  • support Federal Government policy,
  • maintain and constantly improve the federal administration’s performance,
  • increase the subject-related and interpersonal skills of federal administration staff, strengthen their motivation and foster the exchange of ideas and experience.

How we see ourselves

We are a client-oriented service provider.

  • We are the federal agencies’ partner for advanced training and advising and meet their needs using the resources at our disposal.
  • We tailor our training programmes to take into account our clients’ specific needs, current policy aims and the latest developments in research and society.
  • We support federal agencies in their aims to modernize government and administration and help them plan for and manage change.
  • We assist federal agencies in becoming learning organizations and help staff combine learning and working more effectively.

Our aim

We offer the best advanced training and advising possible.

  • We aim to achieve the highest possible level of lasting quality, effectiveness and efficiency.
  • We design programmes and services to meet real-world needs.
  • We are constantly improving our quality management and evaluate in particular the effectiveness of our work.
  • For every subject area, we select suitable instructors and trainers who meet our high standard of quality.

Our expectations

We are the Federal Academy of Public Administration.

We are a team with shared goals.

Each of us contributes to the BAköV profile.

We ensure that our work is successful through

  • competence, motivation and commitment,
  • dialogue and cooperation with the public administration, the private sector, the research community and social institutions,
  • collaboration with European and international institutions, and
  • exchange of experience and ideas with training partners elsewhere in Germany and abroad.

We continue to improve our own qualifications on a regular basis.

Our cooperation

We are colleagues.

  • Communicating with each other and sharing information is an important part of our work. We treat each other with collegiality, fairness and respect.
  • Mutual trust allows us to deal with conflict in open and fair dialogue and find solutions together.
  • We support each other with ideas and suggestions as well as honest and constructive criticism.
  • For us, leadership means making fair and understandable decisions, agreeing on clearly defined goals, and fostering independence and initiative, as well as promoting career development.

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