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Here is everything you need to know:

Who can attend BAköV courses?

As a rule, only federal employees have the right to take part in courses offered by the Federal Academy of Public Administration (BAköV). Employees of the Federal Ministry of Defence and Federal Police officers are an exception, because there are other special facilities offering advanced training for them. However, they and employees of the indirect federal administration and of regional or local public administration, and in some cases employees of other organizations may attend as guests.

Decentralized courses offered by the lead authorities in Hanover, Munichand Wiesbadenare reserved for employees of those authorities affiliated with these lead authorities.

Indicating interest and registering for a BAköV course

The interactive advanced training system for the federal administration IFOS -BUND® is a web-based system allowing federal administration employees to look up information about all BAköV courses and indicate their interest in specific courses. To find out more about the system, go to (in German only).

Only the authorities which have the right to submit applications for training courses may do so, as a rule by the registration deadline for the specific course and only by using IFOS-BUND®.

Authorities may register only those employees who fit the description of the course’s target group. To participate in a course, applicants must fulfil the prerequisites listed in the course description, in particular with regard to class of service, type of position and previous knowledge.

Course enrolment

Participants are assigned places in the various courses as needed. In case of greater demand, additional seminars and special courses may be offered for individual authorities with help from BAköV, as resources permit.

The supreme federal authorities are notified of the enrolment for courses in their area.


Participants in centralized courses receive an invitation directly from the advanced training office responsible for administration within the framework of the BAköV/Federal College for Public Administration joint administration. Invitations for decentralized courses are sent by the relevant lead authority. The invitation contains further information about the course content and structure, as well as course fees, as appropriate.


Federal employees are assigned by the sending authorities. With regard to assignment, please refer to the circular of 9 September 1975 (Interdepartmental Circular 1975, p. 717) and the Federal Ministry of the Interior circular to the supreme federal authorities of 15 November 1976 – D III 6 – 222 704 – 6/5.

Participants may therefore not leave the course without BAköV permission or be called back to their employing unit.

Certificate of participation

Participants receive a certificate of participation and, if appropriate, a certificate of successful performance, of which they are to send a copy to their employing unit.

Certificates of participation are handed out at the end of the course.

Course fees

Federal employees – except for employees of the Federal Ministry of Defence and Federal Police officers – do not have to pay any fees to attend BAköV courses.

Starting in 2008, fees will be charged for certain BAköV courses. For these courses, BAköV will charge €75 per participant per (full or partial) day of instruction.

For all other courses, starting in 2008 BAköV will charge fees at the following rates:

  • €75 per participant per (full or partial) day of instruction, for employees of the Federal Ministry of Defence and Federal Police officers;

·         €120 per participant per (full or partial) day of instruction, for employees of the indirect federal administration; and

·         €120 per participant per (full or partial) day of instruction, for all other guests.

BAköV may set different fees or waive fees for individual courses.

Travel expenses of course participants

For all courses offered free of charge, except for the selection procedure for advancement to the higher service, BAköV pays all travel expenses of course participants (travel, accommodation and meals), including allowances paid to federal employees, except for employees of the Federal Ministry of Defence and Federal Police officers.

In all other cases, participants are responsible for their own travel expenses. Course fees do not include travel expenses.

Special courses

BAköV charges fees for organizing and carrying out special courses for individual authorities.

Courses offered by third parties

BAköV has a limited budget for participation in advanced training courses offered by other institutions. Applications to take part in such courses should be sent to BAköV for a funding decision at least eight weeks before the course starts; this does not apply to special courses advertised by BAköV.

Course locations

As a rule, BAköV training courses are held at the academy’s facilities in Brühl, in the seminar building in Boppard, in Berlin-Johannisthal and in Zeuthen, Brandenburg.

Decentralized courses are given in Hannover, Munich and Wiesbaden.

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