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The interactive advanced training system for the federal administration

The IFOS -BUND ® system

IFOS -BUND ® is the interactive advanced training system for the federal administration.

We designed this system with the aim of working with our clients better and more easily and to enhance the quality of advanced training.

The system is based on Internet technologies. All federal authorities and their staff now have access to the latest information about courses offered by the Federal Academy of Public Administration (BAköV) and other federal training institutions.

IFOS -BUND ® is an interactive communication platform for everyone involved in the process of advanced training.

The system offers documents and links on the topic of advanced training, as well as up-to-date, time-saving booking options. Individual authorities can set up interfaces with other systems (such as personnel information systems and in-house workflows) in order to link their various in-house channels for gaining approval with IFOS -BUND ®.

You can find IFOS -BUND ® at (in German only).

How to find BAköV course offerings

All BAköV seminars are listed in IFOS -BUND ® under the heading “Training course offerings”.

This leads to a search page where users can search for specific courses. For a quick overview, click on the “Search” button. This will bring up a list of all BAköV training courses offered.

You can also conduct an expanded search.


Registering for a seminar

Only federal employers may take part in BAköV courses.

BAköV accepts applications only from those responsible for advanced training at the authorities which have the right to submit applications for training courses. For more information, please contact the unit within your authority which is responsible for advanced training.

Using IFOS -BUND ®, you can indicate your interest in a training course. The form will then be sent automatically to the authority responsible for submitting an application.

Please note: Indicating your interest in a course is not the same as registering with BAköV!

After you have been registered, you will be sent an invitation.

Help function

Clicking on this symbol

IFOS info

takes you to the IFOS -BUND ® online help function.

If you have questions about using the system, the IFOS-BUND hotline can help.

Services offered by IFOS -BUND ®

The public area

IFOS -BUND ® also lists courses offered by other training institutions, as well as extensive information on the topic of advanced training.

Under “What’s new” you can find out which courses still have space available and other important information.

General functions:

  • IFOS info
  • E-mail
  • Ability to export contents to standard software
  • Indicate interest to the authority responsible for submitting course applications


The internal area

IFOS -BUND ® assists the training institutions and the authorities whose employees take part in BAköV courses.

A password is needed to access this area. You can get more information about this from the IFOS-BUND hotline.

The key functions in the internal area include:

  • Demand query
  • Administration of course offerings, with detailed information
  • Administration of seminar leaders and instructors
  • Help with drafting contracts and programmes
  • Help with evaluation and drafting final remarks
  • Incorporation of electronic media (computer-based courses, web-based courses, videos)
  • Registration and cancellation by authorities with the right to submit applications
  • Enrolment manager to assign places in the course and help with drafting necessary correspondence
  • Display of current registration status for all involved
  • Statistical assessments

Our partners

IFOS -BUND ® was developed as a BUND-Online application designed to meet BAköV requirements.

The following companies were responsible for the technical development:

Verlinkung zu T-Systems


Verlinkung zu Digital Spirit



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